Fall in Love with Screenprint

Screenprinting is not appreciated enough as a medium, the process is used for art and textiles, including wallpaper and fabric. This may have led to it being categorized in peoples minds as industry rather than art. The creativity and technical skill needed for effective screenprint editions can create stunning images and colours as layer over layer of design and colour is added. At scale the physicality required to produce a screenprint is immense, think planks on a screenprinting table to push the ink into the paper. And the risks of the process as each edition has to be in register, a small slip can mean the end of an edition. The selection of the paper and reaction of the ink on the paper is another factor which needs careful consideration.

To produce screenprints using 6 or more colours is a complex business, the understanding at the image stage, to create the initial drawings and then colour separations needs vision. Artists screenprints as opposed to Giclée prints are created by hand by the artist. So with Valentines Day coming up fall in love with screenprint art for its complexity, colour and boldness!  

My Dahlia, Edition 1/15 on Southwark paper. Framed 82cmx82cm

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