Miniature Art comes to Streatham

Each of the artists exhibiting at Streatham’s 2019 Art Festival has donated a piece of work on a 10cm x10cm canvas. These works will be auctioned to raise money for two fantastic causes, to support the work of SYCT, providing childrens services in Streatham, and the Woodfield Project.

Miniature art has a long history from the portraits by Hans Holbein of the rich and Royal in Tudor times to the ultra small sculptures by talented artist Willard Wigan. In the silent auction you can buy a unique piece of art work by a local artist translating their style and chosen medium to a small scale. Dino’s piece is a close up of one of his flora inspired prints, an opportunity to focus on the colours using layer after layer of colour via hand created stencils. Translating his love for colours and lots of them, was time consuming and a delicate process with no room for error.

The silent Auction is in the Woodfield Pavilion from the evening of the 12th October to 20th October

The private view is on Saturday 12th October from 6-9pm and all are welcome for a drink and preview. Woodfield Pavillion – 16a, Abbotswood Rd, London SW16 1AP

Over 30 artists taking part in the festival have donated a 10 x 10cm canvas which will be auctioned throughout the festival (12th – 20th October). The works will be displayed at the Pavilion where secret bids can be placed in a box, winners will be announced by email when the festival closes.

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